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  • Sun

    PARROTFEST: Winter is coming!


    Apple & Parrot, Torquay

    xparrotfestdecSo the day is almost upon us young Westeronians...
    Let the good music cometh and the mead be strong.

    We've got a brutally awesome line up, even more powerful and ear bendingly manipulative than Tywin Lannister himself.

    Doors are from 11am and as always we areeeeee..
    all day & night long.

    Here's your music maestros for the event

    1pm - Nathan Rooke
    2pm - Wildwood Kin
    3pm - Jak James
    4pm - New Project
    5pm - Ten Zero One
    6pm - Gentlemen of Few
    7pm - Antimatador
    8pm - CoCo and the Butterfields
    9pm - The Manic Shine
    10pm - Someday I
    11pm - Evenu
    12pm - Subject To Change

    There are plenty of drinks deals throughout the day to keep you replenished for minimal gold.

    See our flyers for details

    annnnnnnddddddd if that's not enough for you, we're continuing the party over at Mambo Torquay from Midnight with even more superb drinks deals including:
    £2 Jagerbombs